About Me

Each of us wears many hats through the years, and often all at the same time. This occasionally looks weird, and makes your head hot. The point is, while I’m a proud published author, I am also a sandwich. This means, in addition to my full-time career as a technical writer and fiction author, I’m the caregiver to my elderly mother. She lives in our home with me, my husband, our two teenage children and one guinea pig (who wishes to remain anonymous here, so I’ll call him “Charlie”).

This site is intended to promote my published fiction (such that it is to date). The associated blog reflects all aspects of this crazy life, whether I’m focused on the writing side or the sandwich side.

My first short story, Two Kittens, appeared in the prestigious Westmount Public School yearbook. I was five years old. I grew up loving books, television and horses and what I couldn’t do or have, I imagined and wrote about.

Between battling a full-time job and generally annoying my wonderful family, I write short stories, novels and creative non-fiction. My first young adult novel, VOICELESS, was published by Thistledown Press on March 30, 2012. Two of my stories, Surrender and Gemini, received second and third place wins in Ottawa’s Audrey Jessup short crime fiction contest.